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Play Group ( 1.8 – 2)

Our Play Group program focuses on the inquisitive, inquisitive and active nature of toddlers. They will enthusiastically use all five of their senses to actively explore the world around them. They find joy in making things happen and completing basic tasks and once the discovery is made, they will want to do it again and again. Toddlers learn through a variety of interactions in a warm and responsive environment and through relationships with caregivers and peers. At Mother’s Pride Academy, our Playgroup Program provides learning experiences through various forms of play and exploration while incorporating various inquiry moments in the school. We will help your child progress and develop towards.

Language and Communication Development Skills

Responding and understanding some words, forming simple sentences, singing and responding to songs, rhymes and stories.

Cognitive and Brain development

Participates in Pretend play, shows awareness of different objects, people and colours in the environment.

Self and Social Development abilities

Develops positive attitudes and self-confidence among adults as well as peers. Demonstrates social behaviour and able to express himself with others.

Nursery ( 2+ years )

In Nursery, Children begin to develop and gain awareness of numbers, engaging in the concepts in the concepts and processes of mathematics and science. They also begin to trace letters and develop a keen interest in reading and different types of stories. As they become more independent in their daily activities, their gross and fine motor development abilities continue to increase. They also engage more actively in group activities during play and can complete small tasks themselves.

Language and Communication Development Skills (Phonics Program)

Your child will be introduced to letters and their phonetic sounds. Through books, music, songs and rhymes, your child will enjoy reading and develop an interest in writing.

Cognitive and Brain development

Classification, sorting and recalling information and concepts are different areas that children develop at this age.

Self and Social Development abilities

Your child is able to demonstrate self help abilities, is able to follow routines and shows increased independence in school. Self-awareness and participation in classroom activities increases at this age.

LKG/KG1/ Jr.KG ( 3+ years )

At LKG/KG1, children develop a sense of self confidence, social skills and interact more during play time. They begin to understand more content, skills and concepts. Reading, phonics, and numeracy skills are introduced to foster the child’s emerging capacity for language learning and acquisition. The child’s physical development skills are also more developed and thus the child is able to exercise better self-control and engage in great challenges in both indoor and outdoor activities in school. We will continue to help your child progress and develop towards achieving these focused areas of competencies:

Language and Communication Competency Skills ( (Phonics Awareness Program)

At this stage, your child will begin to recite rhymes and finger plays, responds to questions appropriately and learn to express simple thoughts and feelings in short and simple sentences. Your child will show an interest in writing for specific purposes and will begin to draw representational images.

Cognitive and Brain development

Your child is able to associate life objects to pictures, initiate a sequence different events and daily routines. Demonstrates a sense of awareness of the daily roles of those around them and begins to take on familiar familiar roles in play.

Self and Social Development abilities

Your child begins to have more self-control and demonstrates emotional regulation with peers at school. Learning to manage your emotions, take turns and resolve conflicts are just some of the essential life-long learning skills your child will learn in school.

Life Long Learning Development and Education for the 21st Century

Your child will engage in planning and will also be able to reflect creative problem-solving abilities through developmentally appropriate tasks at school. Through discovery, planning, finding your child along with peers will be equipped with important skills for 21st Century education.

UKG/KG2 / Sr. KG ( 4+ years )

As with every age and stage, your kindergarten child is mastering a new set of skills. At VMPA, we focus on helping the child acquire specific skills and concepts through extensive discovery, integration, and inquiry processes. The child will be equipped with essential skills in all areas of development required for years of schooling years. We will also help your child build self-confidence, develop the ability to work effectively in group co-operation and develop a sense of respect for all cultures, diversity and the world around them.

Language and Communication Competency Skills

Your child will begin to engage more in conversations depicting events and daily incidents that happen to them. Words are also used to make short but complete sentences. Thoughts and feelings are communicated through words, with the ability to reason with peers or family members. Shows interest in labelling things around them as well as writing for specific purposes.

Cognitive and Brain development

Your child will be able to observe and show different problem-solving abilities. Knowledge or experiences are applied in a new context and the child is able to draw on knowledge and experience for play.

Self and Social Development abilities

There is an increased ability to compromise and be able to discuss with their peers to solve various conflicts. The child respects the rights of others and accepts responsibilities. With increasing independence, the child will also be more confident in taking on leadership roles at school.

21st Century Life Long Learning Development and Education

Your child will show an awareness in cause-effect relationships, a respect the world and its diversity and cultures. The child will also be engaged in technology and its processes, thus easily connecting the child to the world and future proof learning

“Day Care : A magical place to share, learn, and grow.”

Vasundhara Mother’s Pride Academy features wings designed for age-specific activities. Our day care offers full-day care for babies aged 6 months to 12 years as well as after-school care. We prioritize safety and provide a nurturing environment with personalized care. Our day care is equipped with age-appropriate learning materials, educational toys, and opportunities for exploration tailored to each age group. Your child will be involved in various easy-to-learn, fun activities that help in the all-round development of their mind and body. You can focus on your professional responsibilities and rest assured of the fact that your little one is in a loving and safe environments, just like the one you create for him or her at home.

Following are the salient features:

  • Ensure safety and cleanliness.
  • Qualified and caring staff.
  • Healthy meals and snacks.
  • Follow a structured routine and schedule with homework assistance to after school children.
  • Effective communication with parents. Live CCTV feed for the parents to monitor their loved ones
  • Positive social environment.
  • Evening Classes like Taekwondo, Skating, Dance etc.
  • Allows for flexibility and parental involvement.
  • Our Gallery

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