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Our Activities

At Mother’s Pride Academy our aim to foster lifelong learners in our children through activities that awaken their spirit and imagination and encourage early habits of observation, curiosity and exploration in them.

Indoor Activities

Art and Craft : Exploring their imagination through drawing and painting.
Audio Visual : Exploring a whole new world of imagination with visual aids.
Games : Playing and relaxing in a refreshing ambience.
Indoor Play : Taking delight in crawling through Ball pool, riding tricycles & swings.
Auditorium : Boosting their self-confidence with on stage performance.
Dance : “Dance is the hidden language of the Soul.”
To develop in children, the cultural and aesthetic values through performing art. The school provides dance classes
Taekwondo : “Taekwondo, is popular with motivated individuals of all genders and ages.”
The mental stability and control that comes with Taekwondo is beyond amazing. Taekwondo at Mother’s Pride Academy provides children with a safe and structured environment to learn self-defence techniques, improve their physical fitness and develop discipline and self-confidence. The classes are tailored to suit the age and skill level of the children, allowing them to progress at their own pace while learning important skills.
Skating : Skating requires both physical and mental energy, and it’s a great workout for the whole body. It helps kids develop a sense of balance and coordination. They learn how to control their speed and direction and stop and start smoothly. SO VMPA provide skating classes in evening

Outdoor Activity

We involve children in various sports and physical activities with an appreciation of nature and a feel of the seasonal changes happening around them.
Sand Pit : Sand play is a creative activity where children build sand castles, play with miniature shovels and buckets to move the sand around, which gives them boundless joy.
Swimming Pool : A child friendly swimming pool is the most refreshing activity in the summer. Children indulge in merry making through water play.
Rides : Our range of rides include swings, see-saw, slides and fun train which develops our children gross motor skills. The children love the excitement of flying through these joy rides.
Fun Time : Endless smiles can be seen on the faces of children when they get a chance to indulge in puppet show, magic show, planting sapling etc. On a regular basis we organise field trips and camps. It provides a joyful holiday for children and teachers to value and care for the environment.

Celebrations & Events

With us children don’t just celebrate festivals, they become a part of them. We celebrate various festivals and special days throughout the year to help children show gratitude to their family and nation and to inculcate an appreciation of our diverse and rich culture. The celebration of festivals like Republic Day, Independence Day, Holi, Baisakhi, Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtami, Durga Pooja, Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas etc. The celebration of special days like earth day, environment day, Colours Day etc. gives great learning to kids. Winter Carnival, Annual function, Annual Sports etc. are the important events.

Fresh Nutritious Food

We provide fresh meal cooked in our kitchen which is highly nutritious and healthy for children. Children are encouraged to taste a variety of nutritious foods. All portions of the meal make up a child's nutritional requirement. We follow the practice so that every child feels equally loved and cared. Eating in a group also develops good eating habits in children.
Change of Address: In case of any change in residential address or contact number(s) parents needs to inform the same in writing to school authorities immediately.
Login ID:After the successful admission of your child, the parents are proud to have a Login ID which they can use to get updated information about various events and activities in the school

Transport Facility

  • Transport is an integral part of our school and we have always strived to give the best to the students availing the transport facility.
  • The School has provide the transport facilities to the students with maid which is supervised by school teacher.
  • Parents desiring to use the school transport may apply by filing the transport form available in the school office.

High- Tech Security

Our biggest strength is that CCTVs monitor all areas of the school, round the clock and there are trained security guard at gate. Our smart monitoring systems allow parents to watch their kid’s in class activity and day boarding activity at the reception.

SMS Facility

Everyday homework an circular is send by SMS to parents, which is a direction that would create change with and through education and technology.

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